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AS ABOVE, SO BELOW is the name of a recent exhibition of American fraternal society art, which included paintings, banners, ritual objects and costumes from the golden age of fraternal societies, 1850 to 1930. The exhibition was held at Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, Texas.


The exhibition was timed with the release of a book by the same name, published by University of Texas press, and written by the art historian Lynne Adele and the co-owner of Webb Gallery, Bruce Lee Webb.


Tropic Pictures is making a documentary centered on the historical paintings and objects exhibited at Webb Gallery, but also extending to artists and lodge members in the present day, who continue to assert the lore and iconography of secret societies into American visual culture.


Viewers will be introduced to secret societies, such as the Masons, the Odd Fellows, and the Knights of Pythias, and explore the function and meaning of fraternal objects. The film will shine a light on the esoteric knowledge and moral teachings expressed in fraternal lodges, and radiate the sense of fun that comes with discovering secret things. 


In order to finance this documentary, Tropic Pictures is releasing several short films, which will range from one to five minutes in length. These films will feature excerpts of interviews, information about fraternal objects, and early recordings of fraternal music.


These short films are available for download and are modestly priced. When you purchase them, the proceeds go toward the costs of finishing the documentary.


Tropic Pictures needs to earn money to photograph distant lodge locations and visit artists and historians, that we may interview them about their ideas and studies.


Please make regular visits to the Tropic Pictures website. Go to the page AS ABOVE , SO BELOW. Short Films will appear regularly.

Funding for the documentary film AS ABOVE, SO BELOW comes from the purchase of these informative, well-produced short films. You will also find a donate button, if you wish to increase your contribution.



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