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THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE GRACKLES (Digital Video; 2014; 8 min.):  A story that examines the aftermath of a miracle, the moment when an apocalyptic vision fades and people go back to their routines. FESTIVALS: Dallas Medianale; SENE; Here Be Dragons; Olive Tree. GALLERIES: CentralTrak Gallery, Dallas, TX.  WATCH FOR FREE!

ONE OF THE ROUGH (Digital Video; 2015; 16 min. 40 sec.):"One of the Rough" is a poetic road movie. It is a wild ride and a thoughtful one: a driving dream of colors, philosophy, pain, and wonder. Not yet available for download. Watch trailer.

A SPIRAL WAY (Digital Video; 2015; 16 min. 30 sec.):  Meet Leon Gordon Agee, a small town storyteller and songwriter. He weaves macabre and philosophical tales that reveal currents of magical realism in the landscape of the American South. Not yet available for download. Watch trailer.

AN ERRAND OF HIP AND CHIN (Digital Video; 2016; 10 min.) Borrowing loosely from the Book of Amos, the film is an adventure story that batches the prophetic imagination and the popular enthusiasm of hooping.

THE MOCK DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD (Digital Video; 2014; 9 min.): Tommy Roach is an unusual toymaker, who finds grace in malfunction and creativity in decay. FESTIVALS: Dallas Video Festival (Texas Show; jurried) Snake Alley Festival of Film. GALLERIES: McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE

A WELL-PROVED HELPMATE (Digital Video; 2013; 14 min. 35 sec.): Meet Pontain Mitchell, folk preacher. He shows  an uncanny gift for spiritual language. But only when he goes behind a curtain. FESTIVALS: Snake Alley Festival of Film; Flathead Lake International. GALLERIES: McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX. JOURNALS: The Journal of Short Film (peer reviewed; DVD publication). DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE

OTHER WOUNDS (Digital Video; 2013; 8 min. 25 sec.): OTHER WOUNDS features three secular homilies on the wonder of childhood perceptions, the strange landscape of life everlasting, and the violence of being human. FESTIVALS:  Alchemy Film and Moving Image; Proyector International; Anthology Film Archives.  DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE

WHEN THE WORLD WAS GREEN (Digital Video; 2012: 17 min. 40 sec.): "When the World Was Green" features trees, troubled souls, and murals of the city of Los Angeles in tense and comical reflections about creation myths and selfhood. GALLERIES: Electric Lodge, Venice, CA; McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE

DIOGENES (16mm/Beta; 1994; 13 min. 47 sec.) This comic fable chronicles the misadventures of a deranged homeless preacher character wandering the crumbling storefronts of Old East Dallas searching for the last honest man. FESTIVALS: SXSW; Black Maria; Social Outcast; New York International Independent. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE


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